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Monday, August 21, 2017

Fiddler Crab

You can find fiddler crabs in West Africa, the Eastern Pacific, the Western Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific. The fiddler crab lives in a moist habitat with many dens where they can hide. They are often seen digging holes in the sand to make homes. They live in sandy beaches, mangroves, salt marshes and muddy beaches of West Africa, the Western Atlantic, the Eastern Pacific and the Indo-Pacific, fiddler crabs are easily recognized by their distinctively asymmetric claws.

Fiddler crabs are characterized by a rectangular shell and a narrow abdomen, which is flexed under the body. They are called fiddler crabs because the males have one enormous claw, held in front of the body like a fiddle. A fiddler crab is a small crab that walks sideways. The male has one giant claw but the female doesn't.

In the wild fiddler crabs eat algae. Fiddler crabs are scavengers and feed on organic matter that are found on the surface of rocks and mud. Fiddler crabs as with most crabs are not picky eaters.

Did you know?
Males have one large claw and one small claw. Females' claws are the same size.

Monday, August 14, 2017

African Lion

Lions live and roam in open country and fields where there are spreading trees, tall reeds and grass which offer nature camouflage for these skillful predators.

Usually around twenty of these animals (sometimes as many as forty) live together in groups called prides. A pride usually consists of one or more mature males plus several females and their cubs. The adult members hunt together to stalk and ambush prey and are capable of reaching speeds up to thirty-seven miles per hour, but only for short distances.

Males are identified by the dark mane of hair around their head, neck and shoulders. Females are slightly smaller and have no mane. It is for this reason that the female is usually the one to capture prey, as she is far less noticeable. It is the male's job to protect the pride.

Lions reach their prime at about five years, but can start hunting for themselves at about one year.

Did you know?
Except for humans, lions have no natural enemies.
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