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Monday, April 18, 2016

Tiger Shark

Photo Credit: Albert Kok
The tiger shark is a deadly predator. It is a solitary hunter that will eat anything it can get down its throat, including other sharks.

The tiger shark gets its name because of the dark stripes across its back. It is an efficient killer, armed with an extraordinary sense of smell and serrated teeth that can slice through flesh and bone. A proven man-eater, it is one of the most feared sharks in the world.

The large, powerful, solitary tiger shark cruises the coastal and offshore waters of tropical seas. It will travel up to fifty miles a day, rarely stopping except to eat.

In summer, the tiger shark may follow warm water currents as far south as New Zealand, or north to Japan or the northern United States. In winter, it stays closer to the equator near the coral reefs of the Caribbean and the Pacific and Indian Oceans where it is the largest and most dominant of all of the reef predators, eating anything it can find.

The tiger shark is an indiscriminate feeder; it will eat anything. In addition to its main diet of fish, squid, sea turtles, seals, and smaller sharks, items such as car license plates and gasoline cans have been found in its stomach.

Did you know?
  • Tiger sharks are named that way because of their tiger-like, black stripes that cover the body of young animals. As animals become older, these stripes fade away, becoming almost invisible in adult animals. 
  • Tiger sharks have excellent sense of smell which is used for detection of the prey. 
  • Tiger sharks can survive up to 50 years in the wild.

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