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Friday, May 27, 2016

Blue Titmouse

Photo Credit: Baresi Franco
Known for their acrobatic skills, blue titmouse are tough, inquisitive, and highly successful inhabitants of the temperate woodlands.

The blue titmouse's characteristics plumage of bright blue and yellow, and its habit of visiting backyards to feed on juts and scraps, make it one of the most endearing and best-known birds in all of Europe.

Blue titmouse are found in most of the broad-leaved woodlands throughout a large area of Europe. They are far less common in coniferous forests.

During the summer, blue titmouse live mainly on insects picked from foliage. The abundant caterpillar population, which appears on oak trees in late spring and summer, is the usual diet for chicks. People who feed birds in winter should stop at this time so that the birds will search for natural supplies.

Did you know? 
  • In a single winter day, more than 200 blue titmouse may feed at a nut bag hung in a backyard.
  • Females and their young are in danger from weasels, which can squeeze through holes measuring only an inch across. 
  • In winter, blue titmouse will roost in street lights to keep warm.

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