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Monday, May 30, 2016

Sea Horse

Photo Credit: Stevenj
The sea horse is a member of the pipe-fish family. Swimming upright, and looking a little like a chess piece, it is a graceful inhabitant of the warmer seas.

Sea horses avoid predators by mimicking the colors of underwater plants. There are 35 species living along the coasts of Australia, Africa, Europe, and North America. They range in size from the tiny pygmy variety to the giant eastern Pacific sea horse.

Sea horses are usually found in warm, shallow water among beds of sea grass. They situate themselves near deep, fast-moving channels that provide them with plankton, the microscopic marine life on which they feed.

Sea horses feed constantly on plankton and other small fish. A sea horse can use each eye independently from the other, which allows it to search for prey without moving its body. When prey comes near, the sea horse can snap it up from as close as as inch and a half away.

Did you know? 
  • Except for crabs, few predators eat sea horses, they are too bony. 
  • Male pregnancy lets the female produce more eggs quickly without nurturing the last batch.
  • Female sea horses compete with each other for male mating partners.

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