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Monday, September 5, 2016

European Mole

Photo Credit: Wildlife Wanderer
Although it is seldom seen, the velvety-coated mole is one of the best-known small mammals. Living almost entirely underground, surface molehills are the only tell-tale signs of its presence.

Most common in grassland and pastures, European moles are found at sea level and at high altitudes in almost every type of soil, but t hey avoid areas where the soil is very rocky, waterlogged, or acidic. They are well adapted for their underground life.

Moles are active during the day and night, digging their tunnels and searching for food. Most tunnels very in depth from just below the surface to 28 inches beneath the ground. When moles dig close to the surface, they make piles of dirt called molehills.

Earthworms are the mole's staple food, although it also eats large quantities of insect larva and slugs. It locates food by traveling along its tunnels and feeding on whatever worms or insect is finds.

Did you know?
Moles will avoid very wet grounds when possible, yet they are strong swimmers. They can also climb.

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