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Monday, September 12, 2016

Sea Cucumber

Photo Credit: TheSenualFoodie
Sea cucumbers are found in virtually all marine environments throughout the world. Some sea cucumbers live on the ocean floor and others are planktonic, meaning that they float in the ocean with the currents.

The sea cucumber's body shape is similar to a cucumber, but they have small tentacle-like tube feet that are used for locomotion and feeding. One way that sea cucumbers can confuse or harm predators is by propelling their own toxic internal organs from their anus in the direction of attack. The organs grow back, and it may save them from being eaten!

Sea cucumbers are scavengers that feed on small food items in the benthic zone (seafloor). Algae, aquatic invertebrates, and waste particles make up their diet. They eat with tube feet surrounding their mouths.

Did you know?
When disturbed, sea cucumbers can expose skeletal, hook-like structures that would make them harder for predators to eat.

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