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Monday, March 27, 2017


The largest member of the deer family, the moose lives in forests, bogs and marshlands where, for the most part of the year, it feeds on aquatic plants and young shoots. During the winter months, however, its diet usually consists of branches, bushes, and bark

The antlers of the male moose (bull) are impressive. Made entirely of fast-growing bone, these antlers appear during the spring and summer and are cast off nine months later. New ones grow and are discarded each year.

Males are generally solitary, while females are usually accompanied by their calves, which are born in the spring after a 250-day gestation period.

A moose is most susceptible of its predators (wolves, bear, and man) during the winter months, not because it has shed its antlers, but because it is weakened from the rut (the mating season), during which time they do not feed.

Did you know?
An Alaskan moose can grow a rack of antlers with a span of six feet, equal in weight to the skeleton of a normal adult human.

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